European diplomacy & EU foreign policy

My research interests are EU foreign policy-making, and especially the EU relations with its Eastern and Southern neighbours and changing patterns of European diplomacy.

European Diplomacy and EU Foreign Policy-Making 

My current research focuses on changing patterns of European diplomatic coordination and the transforming nature of the European diplomatic system on the ground. I analyse the impact on diplomatic efforts of the member states and the transforming role of EU delegations.

During my research stay in Washington D.C. in 2012/13 I empirically investigated patterns of EU actors’ coordination in third countries, on the example of the coordination, cooperation and contacts between EU member states’ embassies vis-à-vis the United States. This research follows up pervious contributions together with Karolina Pomorska and Sophie Vanhoonacker about the changing role of the rotating presidency in external relations after the Lisbon Treaty.

During the past year, I worked more widely on European diplomacy: in cooperation with Dr. Patrick Müller we edited a special issue on Austrian foreign policy 20 years after EU membership (forthcoming in the Austrian Political Science Journal), and with Dr. Federica Bicchi we are working on a special issue about “European cooperation abroad” and the role of the EU delegations since the Lisbon Treaty.

Related recent Publications

  • Heidi Maurer (2016, co-edited with Dr. Patrick Müller): Austrian Foreign Policy and 20 Years of EU Membership: Opportunities and Constraints. Introduction to the special issue, Austrian Political Science Journal (ÖZP), vol 45, issue 2, pp. 1-9. Accessible at
  • Heidi Maurer (2016): Austrian Diplomacy in a Changing Global and European Context: Between Innovation, Adaptation and Resilience. Austrian Political Science Journal, vol 45, issue 2, pp. 35-47. Accessible at

European Union diplomacy and the role of EU delegations:


The European Neighbourhood Policy as EU policy framework

My doctoral research investigated the institutional coherence in EU foreign policy-making and examined to what extent the institutional setting of the European Neighbourhood Policy changed the interactions, routines and tasks of EU actors.

Based on my PhD research, I continue studying the EU relations with its neighbours and the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) as an institutional framework. Currently, I follow up on this research strand by investigating more closely the impact of the ENP review process and the Arab Spring on the European Neighbourhood Policy as an institutional framework to allow for coherent and effective EU foreign policy-making.

Related Publications

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