My Research Agenda

  • European International Relations; EU Foreign Policy Identity; European diplomacy
  • EU relations with its Eastern and Southern neighbours; Politics in Central Europe; Politics of Populism;
  • Qualitative Research; Practice Theory; Social Network Analysis;

At the Danube University Krems I work in the department for e-governance and administration to research digitalisation in a transdisciplinary manner. 

How and why societies interact diplomatically in a poly-centric, networked and increasingly digitalised 21st century environment is the key question of my academic research. I want to better understand what value and expectations societies and states  attach to their diplomatic interactions, and how they balance innovation and tradition, especially in light of digital transformations. Also, I am interested in how citizens´ perceptions and expections to each other and vis-a-vis their states shift with increasing globalisation and digitalisation.  Empirically I focus in particular on European Union member states and European Union politics.

My academic work is inspired by the cross-fertilization of my research, teaching and policy dissemination activities. I am convinced that my understanding for a variety of research traditions makes me a better teacher and policy advisor, that my teaching makes me a better researcher, and that my regular engagement with policy-makers and practitioners informs my teaching and my ability to prepare students for academic as well as non-academic professional careers.

My research agenda thus informs three connected research strands, which are presented in more detail on the subpages:

  1. European Diplomacy
  2. Politics of EU foreign policy-making
  3. Central Europe and European Neighbourhood Policy


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