Austria, Central Europe and EU relations with Eastern Europe

My third research strand focuses on Central and Eastern Europe (CEEC). I am particularly interested about how Central European states make sense of their EU membership on the one hand, and how the EU imagines and constructs its relationship with Eastern Europe troughout the last decades on the other.

I am delighted to regular exchange with GLOBSEC in Bratislava as their associate fellow, and to bring CEEC perspectives more central to our understanding of EU politics.

Work in Progress:

  • From national interest to popular demand: the end of foreign policy thinking in populist Europe. (draft paper)
  • Neo-bilateralism: A new quality of EU member states relating to the world. Prepared for virtual ISA conference in April 2021, with Kalypso Nicolaidis.
  • Small in practice? Small states in shaping EU foreign and trade policy. Prepared for virtual ECPR joint sessions, May 2021, with Marianna Lovato.
  • Populist politics and foreign policy in Central Europe: Contestation, de-Europeanisation, or domestication? Prepared for virtual UACES conf. in Sept. 2021, with Karolina Pomorska and Tomas Weiss.

Related Publications & Activities:

  • Expert presentation “Populism and Challenger Parties in Central Europe” for deep-dive UK diplomatic training, organized by UK Embassy in Budapest, 05 December 2018.
  • Heidi Maurer (2016, co-edited with Dr. Patrick Müller): Austrian Foreign Policy and 20 Years of EU Membership: Opportunities and Constraints. Introduction to the special issue, Austrian Political Science Journal (ÖZP), vol 45, issue 2, pp. 1-9. Accessible at
  • Heidi Maurer (2016): Austrian Diplomacy in a Changing Global and European Context: Between Innovation, Adaptation and Resilience. Austrian Political Science Journal, vol 45, issue 2, pp. 35-47. Accessible at

My doctoral thesis research investigated the institutional coherence in EU foreign policy-making and examined to what extent the institutional setting of the European Neighbourhood Policy changed the interactions, routines and tasks of EU actors. Based on my PhD research, I continue studying the EU relations with its neighbours and the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) as an institutional framework.

Related Publications

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