European States, Diplomacy & Transnational Relations

How and why states interact diplomatically in a poly-centric and networked 21st century environment is the key question of my research. I want to better understand what value and expectations states do attach to their diplomatic interactions, and how their diplomatic approach balances between innovation and tradition. I also aim to contribute to fine-tune our academic tools to better assess the increased interdependence and linkage between internal and external policy-making, in a world where states have to adjust their governance capability to transnational and global challenges.

My current project “European Diplomacy Practices post-Lisbon: Adding Value through Cooperationexamines how, why and with what effect European Union member states cooperate in international affairs. Departing from a foreign policy analysis perspective and my institutional EU politics expertise, this project aims to explain and understand the added value of European diplomatic cooperation in third countries. It asks how, if at all, increased European cooperation in third countries has impacted European foreign policy-making. In doing so, my research seeks to suggest ways in which the effectiveness and legitimacy of the emergent European diplomatic system might be strengthened, especially in times when changing strategic and geopolitical contexts challenge Europe’s role in the world. In addition, my research aims to shed light on the adapting self-understanding of EU member states in EU foreign policy cooperation, the impact of globalisation, crisisification and populism on this self-understanding.

Work in Progess (please get in touch if you are interested to discuss any details)

  • Understanding the added value of European diplomatic coordination: a social network analysis – methodological chapter of book manuscript; to be presented at ECPR 2021 conference
  • European diplomacy as a relational network of diplomatic practices – conceptual chapter of book manuscript
  • European Diplomacy: networked cooperation practices beyond nation states – book proposal

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