LSE Fellow in EU and International Organisations

From September 2017, I will be the new LSE fellow in EU and International Organisations. I will be teaching about International Organisations, International institutions and the EU in the world, mostly in the BSc and MSc International Relations. I am looking forward to meet my new colleagues and new students.

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Roundtable about the State of EU foreign policy scholarship, EUSA 4-6 May 2017, Miami

EUSA2017_AnteroDuring the European Union Studies Conference 2017, the ANTERO team organized a roundtable “ “Assessing the State of EU Foreign Policy Scholarship: its added value, current challenges, and future potential” to kick off the discussion on the EU Foreign Policy Scholarship.

Our panelists agreed to share their reflections also in written form – read the reflections by Mike Smith, Ben Tonra, and Kaija Schilde now here.

it is now available online: our special issue on Austrian foreign policy

Austrian Foreign Policy and 20 Years of EU Membership: Opportunities and Constraints. Introduction to the special issue, Austrian Political Science Journal (ÖZP), vol 45, issue 2, pp. 1-9. Accessible at

plus Heidi Maurer (2016): Austrian Diplomacy in a Changing Global and European Context: Between Innovation, Adaptation and Resilience. Austrian Political Science Journal, vol 45, issue 2, pp. 35-47. Accessible at Continue reading “it is now available online: our special issue on Austrian foreign policy”

my contribution to “One deep crisis after another. Will EU project survive?”

scroll down to read my contribution – thanks to Andrej Matisak for the invitation

Russia-Ukraine, Grexit, possible Brexit, refugee crisis, Paris attacks… One deep crisis after another. What is the EU’s capacity to make it? Do we have the capacity? Read few comments

Source: One deep crisis after another. Will EU project survive?