European cooperation abroad – our special issue is online

HJDEuropean Cooperation Abroad:
European Diplomatic Cooperation Outside EU Borders

Special issue The Hague Journal of Diplomacy vol 13 (1), 2018.
Guest editors: Federica Bicchi and Heidi Maurer

Does Europe behave as one outside EU borders? This special issue argues that the Lisbon Treaty (2009), the creation of the EEAS and the establishment of EU delegations have contributed to boost European diplomacy, despite several remaining limitations. In engaging with diplomatic and European studies, the special issue conceptually and empirically investigates the meaning of European diplomacy and the extent of European cooperation abroad. It shows the following:

  • EU delegations fulfill most diplomatic functions generally associated with embassies. In fact, European cooperation abroad goes beyond traditional diplomacy, as EU delegations play a key role in coordinating EU actors and member states’ diplomats on the ground.
  • At the same time, EU delegations are not replacing diplomatic activities of EU member states. They are constrained by the division of competences in EU law. There are also no additional human or financial resources to do so. Rather, EU delegations reinforce a form of network diplomacy by establishing a new diplomatic site. They promote the multilateralization of EU member states´ bilateral relations with non-member countries.
  • EU external action remains a hybrid construct. The manner and degree of this new site of diplomatic practices depends on national diplomats’ practices on the ground as well as on the host country’s reaction.

 Table of contents (click on the title to follow the link):  

European Cooperation Abroad: European Diplomatic Cooperation Outside EU Borders. Introduction to the Special Issue

Federica Bicchi & Heidi Maurer

Bound or Unbridled? A legal perspective on the diplomatic functions of EU delegations

Sanderijn Duquet

Does the Flag Still Follow Trade? Agency, Politicisation and External Opportunity Structures in the post-Lisbon System of EU Diplomacy

Michael H. Smith

Neither fish nor fowl. How EU Delegations Challenge the Institution of Diplomacy: The cases of Moscow and Washington

Heidi Maurer & Kristi Raik

EU External Representation Post-Lisbon: The Performance of EU Diplomacy in Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine

Dorina Baltag

Coordination between the EU Member States’ Embassies and the EU Delegation in Turkey: A Case of European Diplomatic Representation

Özlem Terzi

European cooperation in the Southern Mediterranean: the multilateralization of bilateral relations?

Federica Bicchi

Questions? Remarks? Comments? Please get in touch with the authors or the special issue editors, Dr. Federica Bicchi ( and Dr. Heidi Maurer (

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